back at work this week

Much as I like my colleagues, and as challenging and satisfying as my work can be, the skies are forecast to be blue all week.   Can anyone tell me why this seems to always be the case?     Probably for the same reason that the summers I recall from my childhood were always sunny every single day – a selective memory!     The question I was asking myself over a leisurely breakfast in the sun last Sunday morning was, how do I retain the contentment that seeped deep into my bones during the summer break?

A 'busy' day on the beach - there were only a dozen people or so in the opposite direction..

A ‘busy’ day on the beach – there were only a dozen or so people in the opposite direction..

Face up to the sun,
Listen . . . cicadas, birds, surf.
Breathe deep, in and out.

At the turn of breath,
The moment of peace, stillness.
Breathe deep, in, and out.

Feel the air flowing,
Soft turbulence, soothing, peace.
Breathe deep, breathe, content.