what prompts you?

Over a week and no post!  It’s work, it gets in the way and drains my energy sometimes but it fills up the coffers so who am I to complain?  I have the most wonderful drive to work each day.

The Monday morning drive

The first call of the day . . . no not the sheep, I was visiting the school behind me!

I’ve been watching the trees take on that first blush of colour where the buds give the trees a russet hue before that first sprinkle of green.  And if you’re not one to notice it?  You’re not desperate enough for spring.

And over the weekend?

Gulls at the mouth of the Waitohu Stream

I often looks at Tammy Garcia’s blog Daisy Yellow.  Somehow, I start with one prompt in mind and it morphs into something different as I doodle in details.

The crooked spirals received some colour and glitter

Faded: watercolour was, pan pastels through a stencil, a spritz of purple, copic markers and a white pen for some detail.

Doodling on water colours.

And that Type O flu I’ve suffered from?   New Zealand rocks!  Literally sometimes . . . earthquakes, volcanoes . . . but sporting achievement, that really gets the population excited!  I’m sure once the closing ceremony is over I’ll make a speedy recovery!

And now I’m running late.  Why is it that the “it’ll just take a few minutes” task always take so much longer?  And why does it always seem to be what I’d rather be doing?

Still, I have that lovely drive to look forward to.

something new . . . for me

I don’t usually attempt to draw from life – I’m more of a doodler.  When I saw the EDM Challenge on Tammy Gracia’s blog Daisy Yellow I thought I’d give it a go . . . after all, there’s nothing to lose and everything to be gained.  So here I am starting late but not trying to catch up.

EDM Challenge #1 Draw a Shoe.  This shoe is more of an apricot colour but the scanner seemed to want it to be yellow and I got fed up trying to alter the colour.   You can see how tentative I was with the pencil however I’m pleased with this first attempt.

These shoes are my favourites and have travelled many miles and are beginning to show the first signs of their ultimate demise with a small hole by the little toe and a worn down heel – I’ll need to have a funeral service for them when they go.

EDM Challenge #2 Draw a Lamp.  I love my bedside lamps – I brought the shades back from Bali years ago and wired them up myself.  They’re tall, 60 cm or 27 inches, and wrapped in a bleached fabric that has been cut into strips with pinking shears.

And EDM?  Every Day Matters – yes indeed it does.  For the full list of the challenges go to Danny Gregory’s website and click the link.