back again . . .

After more than 3 months without a word you could be forgiven for wondering what, if anything, has been going on.  Actually there’s been quite a lot happening.

  • I attended a week workshop organised by Fibre Arts NZ in Whanganui and a week with Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch . . . wonderful!
  • I’m working towards an exhibition at Tutere Gallery in Waikanae in October.
  • I’m finialising arrangements for a holiday with some friends in the Irish Republic and Scotland.
  • I’ve taken a course in wet felting with my friend Birgit Moffatt.
  • And of course I’ve been takng daily walks on the beach with cuteness on 4 short legs.

Did you see how I slipped the exhibition in there as if it were just a regular event?  It’s far from it . . . come October I could be one of New Zealand’s oldest emerging artists, I’ll be exhibiting for the very first time!   I’m excited and terrified by turn but the lovely Kate Hartmann, artist and gallery owner, is encouraging and supportive and totally commited to developing connections in the community.

I’ve written about none of these things . . . I haven’t even signed in to have a rant and it’s not that there’s an absence of events that aren’t worthy of a good rant.  Time has just slipped by.  Being absent,  or having the urge to post anything, has caused me to wonder if my purpose for beginning this blog been met and I can just shut it down.  I began it to show others who had shelved their creative pleasures or diverted them into more practical pursuits that they can learn to play again.  They can rediscover and develop their skills and talent despite years of neglect.  Does this purpose still apply?

I don’the want to post for the sake of it.  I’m not motivated by the number of readers or subscribers however I do enjoy ‘likes’ and comments with encouragement and thoughtful critiques and I always respond.    Does my original purpose hold?

I’m still interested in encouraging others, still interested in writing about my struggle to advance myself as an artist, and still commited to showing that the pathway not always straightforward and it  doesn’t matter when you start to take your creative self seriously.

All things considered I think the purpose still holds and it has been a useful way for me to keep track of progress so I will continue here a while longer.  How much longer?  Who knows?  No promises . . . I know my limits!


A small section of one of the pieces that will be in the ‘Mindscapes’ exhibition.