4 big pods

This about as big as they can go at 24 inches or 60 centimetres. I’d like to make them significantly bigger but that would mean using a heavier gauge or more rigid wire which would complicate the initial construction. What if I twisted 2 pieces together? That’s a possibility but perhaps too hard on my hands. What if I secured the ends and rigged up the drill on a slow speed to twine them together? Worth exploring? It would make the tip and stem really tricky. What if I had that step done for me? I tend to dismiss this idea because I want to take the raw materials and make it myself. I’m not asking for idea, simply musing.

Some explorations, experiments, some new shapes, less pod-like, more sculptural. What could be better that sitting outside in the spring sunshine playing with wire, fabric, my mother’s old linen thread.

4 pods, wire fabric, vintage linen thread. 60cms