a small challenge

I was given a set of questions to consider about artists I like and why.  “Just jot down some initial thoughts” were the instructions.  So of course my mind immediately went off in six different directions at 90 miles and hour and there was no jotting down.  The idea has occurred to me before that I should start a scrapbook of sorts that will become and repository for images and notes.   I have a range of tastes and to be able to see images in one place would help me see common elements or themes.

I like Hundertwasser‘s work as well as much of Picasso‘s and then there’s work by Christian Hetzel, Kitty Sabatier, Egon Schiele and Junko Oki to name a few.  They are all very different and I can see how what I like depends on the context: my taste changes depending on where I am and how I feel.

I’m asking myself . . . What do they have in common.  Anything?  Do they need to?  Isn’t enough that I can appreciate a range of artists?  Do I need to question why I like them?  And why are there so many painters when I don’t paint? Should I break out the paint?  At this point in my development, I think I need to analyse what I like, just a little, in order to deepen my appreciation.   I think I need to look not just at work that appeals and inspires, not necessarily the same thing, but also what I don’t like . . . that work that I can appreciate but isn’t to my taste.

So who are my current inspirational artists?  Helen Terry, Dionne Swift, Debbie Lyddon, Mo Orkiszewski, Jude Hill . . . this list is far from complete.  And then there’s work of locals, of friends, Julz Coffey, Trisha Findlay, Birgit Moffatt . . . to see how their work changes and evolves, their influence, whether direct or indirect, pushes me on with my own.  And finally,  the teachers . . . wonderful, talented, generous souls, every one of them.

I can see where all this is leading, how my voice is emerging, my aesthetic is developing, changing, but I’m interested in how and why.  And I can hear a wee voice in my head saying “hush, just do your work.”

Where I’m going.
Paper, watercolour, encaustic medium, linen thread, cotton cord.  10 x 10 cm sample
Wendy @ Late Start Studio

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About late start studio

I think the blog title says it all! Or so I thought when I began blogging. Since then I realise that I began my life as a maker very young. The 'late start' is in taking being a Maker seriously . . . giving it the capital letter it deserves. Over the years I have acquired a wide variety of skills , some through need and other through simple curiosity and now that I have resigned from the paid workforce, I am happily pursuing Making with creativity, originality and discipline.

19 thoughts on “a small challenge

  1. yes listen to the wee voice, and quietly do the how and why later 🙂

    I have wide ranging tastes as well, and my little voice is ‘í just do’ as I gave up on the how and why as it was too distracting (and a great way to procrastinate)

  2. this new work is stunning, you inspire me too Wendy, here’s a beautiful quote from Barry Lopez-
    “… The role of the artist, in part, is to develop the conversations, the stories, the drawings, the films, the music—the expressions of awe and wonder and mystery—that remind us, especially in our worst times, of what is still possible, of what we haven’t yet imagined. And it is by looking to one another, by attending to the responsibilities of maintaining good relations in whatever we do, that communities turn a gathering darkness into light.”

  3. Where I m going is in limbo right now, so being here is my focus.
    My taste tend to go to extreme – love Amish quilts and crazy quilts too. When I realized this I started noticing the same extremes in my actions and thinking.

  4. Very cool new work! I am going to Pin it on my “artwork I really dig” Pinterest board. I find it is a great place to keep virtual inspiration, and discover people of like mind.

  5. I have a sketch book full of images I like or that inspire. You have posted some good questions to ask about them. Also like the idea of saving images that are God but that I don’t like. And I like “Where I’m Going” very much.

  6. i love when it happens that i am looking at an art work that is nothing i would ever want to make but something about it touches something inside me and i make THAT something..
    it’s really quite magical

  7. It dawns on me that perhaps the artists/artworks we respond to might relate to the ‘energy’ that we get from them. I’m struggling to put this into meaningful words. My experience is that some exhibitions or art I see fill me with the energy to rush out and make, make, make art! Others of work that I admire I find completely shut me down and all I can think is negative to my own work. I suspect that it isn’t the similarity or difference to your own work that is the point of work that inspires, just that it does inspire!

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