out of step . . .

. . . with myself.  That’s how I’ve been feeling lately.

I have allowed my natural rhythms to be interrupted in ways that are counterproductive.  In the interludes between very welcome and much-loved guests, I have not picked up where I left off and now it seems to be hard work out where I was.  I know that under these circumstances a repetitive activity helps so I spent five hours mending . . . just plying a needle through soft cotton.  I was carrying out more repairs on an Indian quilt that I have had for many years and I’m facing the fact that it has a limited number seasons left in it depending upon how tenderly I treat it.  I blogged about it as cloth as a metaphoranother beginning, and a job well done

Uschi came to supervise but she fell asleep on the job. Uschi came to provide some close supervision.
img_0217 It wasn’t long before she decided I could be trusted with the job, burrowed in, and fell asleep on the job.

At one time I would never have thought mending would be so satisfying.  If it’s for someone else I think of them, what they mean to me, what hopes I have for them, and offer my love. If it’s for me, as in this case, it quiets me and I get drawn into this old cloth as a metaphor for my life.  I shall have to say goodbye to it eventually but for now . . . maintenance is key.

Settling into this feeling of unease, of inertia, is okay . . . it will pass and will be followed by a period of activity and I’ll continue my work but right now I’m as changeable as this fickle weather we’re having.  A few more hours work and I’ll be done, my quilt mended, my Self soothed and my mind clear. I’ll persevere.





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About late start studio

I think the blog title says it all! Or so I thought when I began blogging. Since then I realise that I began my life as a maker very young. The 'late start' is in taking being a Maker seriously . . . giving it the capital letter it deserves. Over the years I have acquired a wide variety of skills , some through need and other through simple curiosity and now that I have resigned from the paid workforce, I am happily pursuing Making with creativity, originality and discipline.

12 thoughts on “out of step . . .

  1. Ah the quilt of many safe dreams, always liked it as a kid (still do, I now have my own one).
    Perseverance is good, verily it doth beat that subtle seductress of procrastination 😳.

  2. Out of step, out of sorts… my motivation has left town and procrastation has come to stay… Hate being here but glad for the company. Lol!

    • The enormous effort involved in getting a stationary object moving . . . I understand the physics which is why I chose something useful and pleasurable, something that would get me started. I’m not sure I’m so much procrastinating (and I’d have a PhD in that if I ever got round to it) as just bogged down with my wheels spinning but company is good if we can help each other get moving again.

    • Thanks Cathy . . . this old quilt has offered so much comfort and has so many memories attached that I will eventually have to find another use for pieces of it . . . or perhaps there will be a ritual burning. It deserves the effort and later, a good ending.

  3. So glad i found this blog as i can so relate. Your art was a wonderful surprise as i was thinking along the flat cloth, needle and thread line, but find the contrast and similarities so stimulating!!

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