a long time in coming

While I try to keep it to days or weeks, it has been months.  I have no reason nor any excuses to offer however I am aware that Guilt is there at the outskirts of my mind. I can allow Guilt to lurk out there: it has a role to play in battling Procrastination.  I have no responsibilities toward anyone except myself here, no-one is hanging on my every word . . . the feeling is to do with a responsibility to myself so I say my mantra “Each day passes whether you participate or not” and get on with it.

So far, this is my primary way of sharing what I do but I have made a commitment to myself to exhibit my work next year.  I was going to have a small space at a local art and craft shop but cancelled as I didn’t think my work fitted there so I am getting together with a couple of friends to apply for another space where there is more foot traffic and perhaps more likelihood of selling.

Of course that brings the question of how to price work . . . I’m not looking forward to that.  I use simple materials, often recycled, sometimes very old . . . my mother’s.  Taking time, stitching, utilising skills developed over a life time, some learned as a child and some more recent, self-taught and taught by wonderful generous women (usually).  Simplicity and time, one way or another, is there in my work.

I’m letting loose this particular aspect my creativity rather late in life and I have yet to exhibit . . . does that make me an ’emerging artist’?  I quite like that idea of still emerging just as much as I enjoy seeing which pathways appeal.

Here’s an amuse-bouche of what’s to come.

A small section of a larger piece. Watercolour paper, watercolours, encaustic medium, waxed cotton cord. Wendy @ Late Start Studio

A small section of a larger piece. Watercolour paper, watercolours, encaustic medium, waxed cotton cord.
Wendy @ Late Start Studio



13 thoughts on “a long time in coming

  1. yay go for it!
    re pricing- take all that you have mentioned above into account and then make a price that you feel is rewarding on all those points. Then stand back and look at the work objectively once it’s hung in the exhibition space and finalize your price with what you would be happy to pay if you were the buyer rather than the maker.

  2. I believe your time has been taken up by not only creating new artworks but also being entertained by a 4-legged friend. Putting a price on uniqueness will be a challenge!
    Have fun

  3. You have to remember too that pricing should also reflect the fact that *sometimes* to replace or do similar, you will have to buy new, not just in cloth, but paper and paper, threads, wire, etc!!!

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