a decision made

When I have a strong gut feeling I turn to my objective side and gather evidence to back up my intuition . . . or prove it wrong.  Last week I attended a block week course for 4 days, checked out some of the facilities and met with my mentor whom I am sure I would have enjoyed working with for the year.   I’ve weighed everything up and today withdrew from the Diploma in Art and Creativity and made other plans for my creative development.

I think the institution, or at least the diploma programme provided, would probably best meet the needs of people with a creative bent but little experience, people for whom painting and drawing are a focus but who would perhaps like to investigate printing techniques, ceramics and sculpture, casting . . . there are opportunities to try everything, everything except the fibre arts.  Such a shame but perhaps if there are enough inquiries that might change.

And now? Now I will work with supportive like-minded friends who will listen to my goals and encourage me to work toward them.  I’ll work my way through a couple of books to build my technical skills and sharpen eye for design and take a couple of classes on-line. I’ll divide my time between play (experimenting) and work (developing and idea) and have a lot of fun as I do it.

Basalt, muka (harakeke/flax fibre), tiny pearls.  I think it needs more pearls and silver crimps an that hair-like muka. Wendy @ Late Start Studio

Basalt, muka (harakeke/flax fibre), tiny pearls. I think it needs more pearls and silver crimps on that hair-like muka.
Wendy @ Late Start Studio

Thank you to all of you who made such thoughtful comments and have waited so patiently while I worked my way through the problem.

20 thoughts on “a decision made

  1. Think of what you love to do, read, constantly visit exhibits, galleries and group shows. Find that supportive group and develop challenges for yourself. Surround yourself with like minded artists and enjoy the ice you create there. I am currently re-reading “the everyday work of art” by Eric Booth.

  2. You are incredibly focused and know what you want to do to “play”–which is really the work you are drawn to and love. Trusting yourself to head out in a direction to see what happens and learn is not what any program can teach you. I’m incredibly proud that you are trusting your intuition to guide you into what you need to learn!

  3. excellent stuff mum, as texted last night ya weighed it up and investigated and chosen right for you and ya artisticness.
    be great to see where this leads you

  4. Glad you made your decision and, from my perspective, it seems like a great one! I think your art will profit a great deal from meeting with, and “playing with” other people working in fibre arts. I still hope to begin meeting with a group of women writers!

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