it’s raining

That straight down, slightly chilling, but not enough to light the fire kind of summer rain.  The rain that quenches the garden, that makes you want to curl up with a good book (I have one), the rain you don’t want when you’re on holiday and camping under canvas but are tents ever made of canvas these days?

On Saturday at the beach, a dog that my grandhearts had thrown sticks for on a pervious occasion, walked past and the youngest threw her plastic spade into the stream and yelled ‘Fetch!”  Unfortunately the dog didn’t have its scent and perhaps didn’t even see it being thrown such is the pace and attention of a dog enjoying the beach.  A 6 year-old with a good arm can throw quite a distance so it ended up in an inaccessible part of the stream . . . inaccessible because the water is still very cold and the far side of the stream a tad swampy.

Three days later the spade was still there but I’m afraid this rain will wash it out to sea where it will join all the other bits of plastic . . . and I’m feeling guilty because I didn’t want to get cold and muddy.

When I explained that dogs need to be forewarned about sticks (and spades being thrown) my grandheart said no-one tells her these things and cried . . . and I’m feeling guilty.

Tomorrow, or when the weather has cleared, I will go on a spade hunt but I think I have left it too late . . . the opportunity, and the spade will have gone for good.

There is a lesson in this for me . . .

Rombuk, Tibet. June 2007

Sometimes you have to make an effort to go through a doorway.   Rombuk, Tibet, June 2007.

6 thoughts on “it’s raining

  1. It is so hard to go through that door sometimes. Most often it is fear that keeps me from moving. I hope you find the spade, but if not you can always give thanks for the beautiful metaphor it provided for you!

    • Hi Leah, unfortunately the rain washed the spade away . . . along with a lot of sand! And yes, going through a door can be hard, leaving behind all that is familiar. I recall the monastry in Rombuk well, those steps were so steep and big that getting to the door was quite an effort in itself given the altitude!

  2. guilty ? why mum
    getting cold and muddy is no fun at all – and I am sure a new spade will be exciting, heck she can even paint the new one !
    if no one tells her those things then they haven’t and what she hasn’t been told is not your responsibility.

    • I guess part of the guilt is around putting my comfort before Meg’s grief at losing her spade . . . fortunately she has the best big sister in the world who gave hers to her which went a some way to smoothing over her disappointment about the dog not retrieving the spade for her.

  3. I do hope you find the spade but if you don’t at least it is a piece of plastic in the ocean from someone with a conscience as opposed to a piece of plastic cast aside without a thought. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas x

    • The rain it rained and rained and rained. It rained so much that the small stream became a torrent that washed away many tonnes of sand from the dunes . . . the spade didn’t stand a chance. So one wee girl sad (just briefly) and one spade of goodness knows where. But who knows? It may wash ashore up the coast for another child to find . . . I’m hoping.

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