I’m fed up with being asked, have you retired?  I’m not sure how to respond . . . it’s easier to say yes but that’s far from true.  If I say no, I have to explain and I have an intense dislike for explaining or justifying myself.

When you check the definition of retirement the meanings are all basically the same . . . no longer being involved.  Whether it’s going to bed, retreating from a battle, leaving your job or withdrawing for rest and seclusion it’s all so, so similar . . . so no, I haven’t and won’t be retiring any time soon even though I have chosen not to work at the job that gave me so much satisfaction for most of my working life.

Just because I decided to become gainfully unemployed for the time being does not mean I am retired.  In fact I’m not withdrawing from anything, rather I am propelling myself toward so many new adventures, some of which may yield income and some not, that I’m spoiled for choice!  I still have an interest in education (my former profession) but my focus is now, quite simply, elsewhere.   I am not financially rich neither nor financially poor . . . I’m somewhere in the middle I guess but I am richer now in ways that I never have been before in my life.

“The cure for boredom is curiosity.  There is no cure for curiosity.”   This wonderful quote by Dorothy Parker seems to indicate I have a condition for life . . . no retirement for me!  So no, I have not retired and while my brain functions, my heart beats and a desire to be creative and curious continues to be part of who I am, I never will be.

When I now longer act or think creatively . .  perhaps I will have retired.

When I no longer act or think creatively . . . perhaps I will have retired . . . and perhaps not.  We will just have to wait and see, you and I.

14 thoughts on “retirement?

  1. Way to go girl! I am retiring one day soon but only from job. Plan to start another in the creating field. Just not sure what it looks like yet. I’m on the search now so I can be ready in a few years. When people ask me if I am retired I will say “Yes, but only from one job. I have a whole lot of other things going on. I am not retired from life!”

    • You’ll find what you want to do . . . and if you don’t, with planning, you’ll start it yourself Leah . . . that’s where your heart is.

      I’ve had several quite distinct changes in direction when it comes to employment. When I left the banking indiustry in my 20s it wasn’t called retiring so why should it be called retiring just because I’m of an age when many do retire? I’ll continue to work and any income will be from my talents and skills and creativity . . . maybe I should/could say I’m self employed?

  2. The same thing happens to me. At a workshop last week, one participant started the long explanation of not being retired but not working and being busier than ever…

  3. I have the same issue! What if one is rich at an early age – is one ‘retired’? The best term I’ve found so far is ‘recreationist’ as it implies creation and leisure but I’ve been reluctant to use it…

  4. I think we need to eliminate the term “retirement” from our vocabulary! It sounds so “final” … when indeed it is the opportunity for new beginnings!

  5. I cant wait till I retire (yes I am counting), and if people go are you retired I shall say with my two feet firmly planted – “retired from work yes but not from LIFE !”

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