the fates are smiling

Do you know what it’s like when you go to the supermarket and all the wheels on your trolley work together . . . when usually one of the wheels keeps flipping out at 90 degrees at the most inconvenient moments.  Life isn’t like that right now.  It’s as if the fates have decided that I’m to not only have everything run smoothly, I’m  to be on the receiving end of some amazing generosity . . . and I have been.

On Facebook recently I was bemoaning the expense of getting some of the supplies I lust after here in New Zealand and I was thinking that I would just have to wait to buy a Gelli Plate until next July when I make a trip to the USA (I have a list forming and will need an empty suitcase).  I have previously made a couple of printing plates from gelatine and was thinking about making one using glycerin so it wouldn’t go mouldy, but because of the unexpected generosity of a wonderful woman . . . I HAVE AN 8 x 10 inch GELLI PLATE!   Quinn, you are a genuine, dyed-in-the-wool, darling.

Like the shoemaker who had those elven night time visitors, I left everything set up before I went to bed so that the very next day, all day, I could play and experiment.  My results were mixed and often my best results came either by accident because I tend to over-think things, or from a final ghost print.  For the most part I limted myself to 4 or 5 colous and I used a quieter palette that I would usually work with.  So with no further ado . . . some of the results!

Triple printed using a commercial stencil by

Triple printed using a commercial stencil.  The Crafters Workshop: Pebbles.

Print using home made masks.

Overprinted using home made masks.

Overprinted using a hand made stencil.

Overprinted using a hand made stencil.

Overprinted using hand-made stencil.

Overprinted using hand made stencil.

Overprinted using a hand made stencil.

Overprinted using a hand made stencil.  Rather too much paint but I like the effect.

And next up?  Stamps, scraping, and printing painterly layers.

10 thoughts on “the fates are smiling

  1. These are wonderful! I love all the different variations you have made with the subtle palette. I have never tried a geli plate. I have tried a homemade one made out of geli tin by an artist friend and we also tried using page protector sleeves which worked quite well. Quinn is a darling. I am back, finally, to reading her blog daily. Love her writing and philosophies.

    • Thank you Leah, and yes Quinn is one thoughtful and thought provoking woman.

      I have just been to look at them this morning and now I’m wondering what to do with them! I love making things, and then somehow . . .

      If I cmpare a home made gelatin one with the Geli Plate I have to say that this is best.

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