almost ready

I’ve made 12 school book bags and 15 pencil cases.  Cut out, I have another 6 book bags and 16 bigger pencil cases.  There are also about 40 little critters that will be looking for a new home.For the Xmas Cottage

IMG_0555Just some inspirational words to go on some of the super-sized pencil cases and I’m done!  And while I’m at it, a shout out to Alisa Burke as without her book Canvas Remix, I wouldn’t be making these things.

2 thoughts on “almost ready

  1. wow Wendy!! What a massive amount of work you have gotten through. and….darning is a great skill, truly. There are lots of young people who wouldn’t have a clue where to start….

    • Thanks Karen, it has been a lot of enjoyable work . . . and so good to see everything getting finished. As for my darning, my darning is more of a boro-style than the way I was taught as a child. I wonder if anyone needs a darning class? (I’m kidding)

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