I need to make a choice

The first part of the raranga/weaving course I’m doing is complete and I have acquired some basic skills so now I need to decide what my major focus will be.  Having completed my whatu tauri I could make a korowai/cloak, an enormous project requiring a great deal of patience.

My first whatu tauri. Wendy @ Late Start Studio

My first whatu tauri.
Wendy @ Late Start Studio

I could focus on kete/baskets and look at textures, patterns and ornamentation but something in me says I should bring everything together, develop the basic skills and take the traditional skills and come up with 3 dimensional sculptures.  Off loom weaving has always been an interest however one where I haven’t experimented greatly so this will be new and require some daring.

So what do I choose?  Play it safe?  Explore new territory?  It’s no contest really.  I shall start with kete because there is still a lot to learn and then . . . sculptural pieces incorporating some beach finds! And maybe I’ll make another whatu tauri with ‘beach treasure’ in it as well!

When a choice is made I am not only choosing to do something, I am also excluding other choices . . . and that is the difficult part for me.

13 thoughts on “I need to make a choice

  1. Wendy – Of course you would choose to explore new territories – no choice at all, was there?!! Love, Kathy

    Dr. Kathleen J. Revelle

    “Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.” 14th Dalai Lama

  2. Might help to think about it as not excluding, but just picking the project to start with for now? Sometimes journaling/ making a pro/con list of each idea helps me decide on what I really want to do…

    • Sometimes to choose one thing excludes the other coices but in this case I think I can get to do everything . . . just not by the time of the final assessment at the end of the academic year in November. And you’re right Hanna, journalling does help: I did a PMI (Plus, Minus, Interesting for those things that are nither pro or con) and that’s when I though to start with kete/baskets to learn the techniques before heading off into sculpture . . . unless I get diverted!

  3. Wendy, how wonderful to have the choice. I’m sure retirement will bring you lots of choices; I know it has for me. I try to stay in the “and” rather than “which” but then not a lot gets finished :-). I love your first piece!

    • Thank you Jan, I really enjoyed watching the sampler grow. And yes I think my resignation is going to be very liberating . . . I’m in the final countdown and today is Day 9! I made a big list of all I want to do and some of the projects I have started . . . they will come first I think.

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