change is so hard

The last week of my long summer holiday was taken up having new carpet laid throughout the house.  This is the first time I have ever had that luxury feeling of a brand new, decent quality carpet underfoot and when you’re essentially a barefoot fan . . . mmmmm loverly!

Preparing for the carpet layers meant that everything that sits on the floor had to be removed . . . thank goodness it’s summer and we had some dry weather!  Without my son and grandhearts coming to lend a hand I doubt I could have done it.  The girls were amazing and very willing to carry the smaller things outside while Adam and I moved the bigger items.  We arranged to leave some of the heavy furniture for the carpet layers.

During the removal process, I apologised to my son several times for the volume of stuff I have and, although I’m not planning to shuffle off this mortal coil any time soon, I have promised to buy nothing more that isn’t a replacement for something that is completely munted, I will use up what I can and weed out what I can get rid of . . . sell, donate, dump. Believe me, by the time I had moved everything back, single-handed, I was adopting this affirmation big time!   I have everything I need and more! 

A true statement in every area of my life . . . how about you?  Do you itch to have one more whatever?  A bigger or better thingimijig?  The latest whatsit, gizmo or doofer?  You probably don’t NEED it, you might WANT it but let’s be realistic . . . if you have access to good food, a warm bed, friends and family who know you on the inside and love you anyway, the freedom to make choices and some means of personal empowerment, fun, what more do you really need?   I’ve never really lusted after loads of possessions . . . I’m just a bit of a magpie and I’ve done my bit supporting struggling artisans around the world.

WANTS and NEEDS are very different and I’m focussing on getting my NEEDS met.IMG_2477Which brings me to my favourite tights.  They’ve died.  There is a hole in one knee and it’s just a matter of time before the other goes too . . . but I’m still wearing them.  Even mending is unwarranted as the stretch is going.  Although munted they can’t be replaced, Kozmik is out of business and these, you have to agree, are unique.  I guess I’ll just have to get out some of my fabric and some dye and make a new pair.  Do I NEED a new pair?  No.  Do I want a new pair?  Not really . . . unless they’re equally interesting.  Can I make a pair without buying anything else? Yes!  So if I want them enough . . . get my drift?

These wonderful tights . . . I bought them about 18 years ago and with some time-out when I didn’t wear them, they’ve lasted, although lately they’ve been getting a thrashing.  When an old favourite anything wears out it’s often irreplaceable and we have to get rid of the old, worn out whatever and accept something new.   Habits are like that too . . . the old habit has served it’s purpose, might not be taking us where we want to go in life but it’s hard to break and hard to adopt a new behaviour.

I am very reluctant to throw away these tights, I love these tights and if I decide to make them into something else I know they would just sit and be another job-to-do instead of a pleasurable, creative project.  They would become another bit of stuff weighing me down with responsibility.  So here’s the deal . . . when they cannot be worn decently around the house, I either make them into a toy as a keepsake or they go into the bin the VERY SAME DAY.  Oh . . . they’ll still be stuff for my son and daughter to get rid of!

Who in their right mind is so emotionally attached to a pair of crazy tights!  I think I need help . . . I kid you not!

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I think the blog title says it all! Or so I thought when I began blogging. Since then I realise that I began my life as a maker very young. The 'late start' is in taking being a Maker seriously . . . giving it the capital letter it deserves. Over the years I have acquired a wide variety of skills , some through need and other through simple curiosity and now that I have resigned from the paid workforce, I am happily pursuing Making with creativity, originality and discipline.

12 thoughts on “change is so hard

  1. I have things I am emotionally tied to as well. My husband just does not understand it though, he thinks stuff is just stuff. I doesn’t see that it was once Great Grandma’s or Uncle Joes, or Grandma’s and that it is irreplaceable and serves as a memory trigger. 18 years, and I can bet that you remember when, where, and who you were with when they were purchased. Keep the memories.

    • Absolutely! I can walk around my house and tell you I got this in Tibet, that in Turkey or India, Japan etc. I don’t have photos out, just some of the momentoes I picked up. Everything has its memories attached.

  2. Ha. I remember those tights. Very impressive aren’t they I have done a lot of swimming run walking missed my bike ride as I went it Fielding for rotary. Now of course I don’t want to go to school!!!!! Xxx

    Donna Gemaries “We almost always have choices, and the better the choice, the more we will be in charge of our lives.” William Glasser (2011)


  3. Enjoy the new carpet – ours is still blissful almost 12 months later….and the tights. I also had a pair – and a sweatshirt of that brand. Ahhhh memories – perhaps you could turn them into a journal cover or bag! Happy new term xx

  4. being emotionally tied to these like me..being emotionally tied to being alone….it is the one thing that seems to be the hardest to give up..the notion that the marriage that failed was my one and only chance at something..being with another..and being loved..
    I have entered this new relationship..and to be honest..even though I would not admit it out is exhilarating…and it is like nothing I have experienced before…no rush and then gone…steady..and does not fade..and that scares me..the CHANGE….one thought to another…I have to give up this notion..that I had my one shot and I failed…perhaps it failed because it was not love…and maybe..more than likely..what I am facing is love..and the change..of believing in something different…just like letting go of something..that served you well..but for all the wrong reasons…

  5. Do you need help? Honestly….yes but are you receptive to help? Would you be the same you if you received the help you think you need? Go with the flow, recycle your Uniques tights they cannot be replicated they are zany, funky and fun, just like the wearer. Meet your fun need…be your creative self, lay on your new carpet with scissors, needle and thread and recreate. Enjoy.

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