squeezing in some creative time

Life has been very busy but still I managed to squeeze in a little time to doodle . . . not a lot of time but at least it was regular.

I often work with teachers and students to develop SMART goals: Specific, measurable, Achievable, Realistic and within a Timeframe.  On this occasion I made one for myself.   Often my goals are achievable but unrealistic so this time I kept to the KISS principle and Kept It Simple Sweetheart!  My goal was to do a very small doodle a day for a month . . .IMG_2170OTD stands for On The Day.   There were only 5 occasions when I was late so I feel really good about the other 25.  Why would I beat myself up about the 5 late ones?

Not long after I began this, Violette Clarke was encouraging everyone to do Messy Art Daily for much the same reasons . . . a little and often is the trick.

I’ve also attended a conference in Auckalnd recently and managed to squeeze in some creative work there as well.  I seldom take notes because I know I won’t refer to them again.  I tend to listen intently, perhaps jot down some key words or references and follow up with reading more on the subject later . . . this time I doodled as I listened, pages and pages in my Black and White Journal!

IMG_2172IMG_2174When I go away I take a minimum of materials.  The Doodle a Day needed just some pens and one Copic Marker (the damn thing bled through the page, most annoying!) however my watercolour crayons and pencils smuggled a ride along with a small Moleskine and spray bottle.IMG_2105The pencil-case is one of several that I made recently after borrowing Alisa Burke’s book, Canvas Remix, from the library.

So, how do your squeeze in some creative time when you’re run off your feet?

10 thoughts on “squeezing in some creative time

  1. Congratulations on your daily artwork! I think of doing that but wonder if I’d have enough ideas for doodles to fill up a month :-). Also, I’m impressed with your ability to take such legible and creative “notes” … I can never read my notes after a conference.

    • Thanks Jan. I think I started repeating a couple of doodles and then did a quick deviation, the story of my life really. At the conference I anded up with almost a page per speaker! I’m far more likely to refer to these than regular notes . . . and there’s always the speaker’s notes available! 🙂

  2. Thanks so much Wendy for the link! I love your doodle a day – oh my gosh…..gorgeous. What a great way to tap into your creativity every day for just a few minutes. Your notes are also pretty amazing……i’d definitely refer back to notes such as these which are so visually appealing! Well done my friend!
    Love, Violette

    • The doodles all fit on an A4 sized page so they’re really tiny . . . I made the shapes freehand and just filled them in as I went. I’m not doing it this month but if I get to the point where I find myself getting frustrated with not picking up a pen or brush I would definitely do something similar . . . a teeny-face-a-day perhaps? My friend Lynette Collis at All Of Me did calendars which I thought were really cool. Just right for limited time: http://lynettecollis.blogspot.co.nz/search/label/calendar

    • The doodles were fun . . . just the thing for an uber busy month. And I was only gone a few days Lynette, and I knew that the evenings would be busy socialising. Rather than berate myself for biting off more than I could chew again, I went for minimal. I actually used everything!

  3. Wendy, Your doodle-a-day is spectacular! I love it. When I am exhausted, I definitely turn to simple pen & ink work in my moleskin journal. I have doodles and mandalas going and I add to them a bit at a time. It helps me focus my mind even when tired.

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