sitting with my demons

I envisaged this page complete and just did it . . . no procrastination or consideration about the time or materials, I just picked up the nearest pencil and drew.   The whole page was there, a visual BFO (Blinding Flash of the Obvious)  in my head . . . or is that my heart?IMG_1677Sitting with our demons

I think perhaps that our demons are nothing more than our hurts child selves, that if we sit beside them and listen quietly we would be able to understand and help them to heal. 

Wouldn’t we all do that for a child? 

Why not ourselves?

Let me in.

Let me help . . . please?

16 thoughts on “sitting with my demons

  1. Someone told me the more we ignore these noisy creatures the louder they get because they have something important to say to us. Now I ask what they want me to know and wait for something to turn up in my dreams, thoughts, or a strong response to something I see. I think you are right about the inner child, we often carry old hurts this way:)

    • I want to rediscover and soothe my inner child and be about age 4 with the laughter and curiosity of that age . . . perfect naivety and joy, able to cry over heartaches and then okay again with a cuddle.

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