a birthday

Why is it that I leave things to the last minute?  I leave tasks I don’t really want to do until my dreams are invaded in a most unwelcome manner.  And it’s not as if I’m doing anything enjoyable while I procrastinate; I deprive myself of pleasure until I have completed what needs to be done – except perhaps for a walk along the beach.   On Sunday it was relatively crowded with 21 people, Monday, just 4 and a dog.  Who among you can resist the call of the sea?

Sunday, October 6th 2012 facing east.

Monday, October 8th 2012 facing west towards the Tararua Range

So Monday was a little different in the procrastination department – I wanted to make a card for my grand-daughter’s 8th birthday so I gave over the entire afternoon to the pleasure of making it.  I started with a cereal box, gesso, some paint, the sheet music to Climb Every Mountain (it seemed apt) and pens.  The time slipped by and I suddenly realised I was ravenous.  Yesterday, Tuesday, was the party and today . . . oh today I need to do some day-job work.  Never be confused about educators just swanning off for the entirety their holidays; there is always, always some work to do before the term starts.

Now, time for a walk along the beach before lunch . . . just checking to see if the mouth of the stream changed course yet again and what’s come in on the tide.

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About late start studio

I think the blog title says it all! Or so I thought when I began blogging. Since then I realise that I began my life as a maker very young. The 'late start' is in taking being a Maker seriously . . . giving it the capital letter it deserves. Over the years I have acquired a wide variety of skills , some through need and other through simple curiosity and now that I have resigned from the paid workforce, I am happily pursuing Making with creativity, originality and discipline.

14 thoughts on “a birthday

  1. Ooo, the call of the sea. It’s always there and no good fighting it! It gives me energy when I need it, calms the noisy mind, fills my lungs with it’s salty air, and always puts things in perspective! I hope I never have to live too far from it!

    • I’d be flattered if you borrow the idea and make it your own. I’ve drawn long curvey shapes, almost tesselating, with curlicues for a long time – it’s just part of how I doodle. This time I doodled with scissors rather than a pen, slicing from one side of a page to toward the other.

  2. The sea has a call that can’t be denied. “I must go down to the sea again / to the lonely sea and the sky” said John Mansfield–and he was right. Those photographs are beautiful, as is the card.

  3. Nope, I can’t resist the call of the sea… one of my favourite things to do is to create beach labyrinths in the sand. Have you read Gift from the Sea? I think you’d love it. I LOVE your beach sculptures! Next time I’m at the beach…

    Your birthday card is so gorgeous! Your grand-daughter is very lucky to have such a loving and creative Nanna! 🙂

    PS. Thank you for the link to the TED talk on Violette’s blog!!!

    • Thanks for coming to visit! I’m feeling a bit guilty that I haven’t posted for so long but I’m making careful choices about how I spend my spare time at the moment . . . beach walk or blog? No contest really as I need the excerise and the time out.

      I guess the time I spent on the card is a reflection of how much Jeanne inspires me! She is endlessly creative. 🙂

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