a bold move on my birthday

One of the main reasons for returning to New Zealand after almost 7 years of living overseas, was to be in my own home again.  In NZ, home ownership is almost part of who we are, an aspiration we all share, and like everywhere else it’s becoming a more difficult goal to achieve.   Very few Kiwis rent by choice, we want our own place, traditionally, our own 1/4 acre of paradise although most sections are much smaller now.

I have a home at the beach – good luck, good management, whatever – I have it and I love it.  So despite having made this little mid-week rental quite homely I have decided I would rather drive an hour and a bit to work each day and sleep in my own bed, lulled by the sounds of the surf as opposed to the roar of the trains.

So even though the view this Spring morning was stunning and I have made this place as ‘mine’ as I can – I am going home.

While this is a delight to see first thing in the morning, I’d rather wake up to this at my door . . . .It’s whitebait season and until you’ve had a whitebait fritter, you haven’t had one of the most delicious, simple, taste delights ever!  It must be local though – no Chinese whitebait ever tasted the same.

I’ve decided, on this brilliant blue-sky day, my birthday, I have decided.  It is closer to what I want and even just one step closer is better than where I am!

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