walking in mud

On a bad day, I feel a little like this . . . Clipped into shape, not much freedon to move.  Or maybe like this . . . Growth compromisedWith my true shape compromised by structures around me . . . but note . . . spring is here!  And with each season there is a chance to burst forth!  Now I know it’s technically still winter and spring doesn’t start until Saturday week but it IS here with lambs, calves, pale green leaves, daffodils and blossom as evidence.

I took a good look at the tree – it hasn’t been cut back, it just has put all it’s efforts into where the freedom to grow has presented itself.  There is a lesson there for me.

My mood is lifting – the sun has just risen over the Tararua Range – no clouds!

I just have to include this abandoned building which is adjacent to the one above – it’s fascinating but I have no idea what it is, or was.  Why would the brick base be that flared shape and rounded at the corners?  I’ll try and find out but do you have any ideas? And get a load of that bright blue winter’s sky – goodbye grey skies!

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