achieving your my form

I stopped on the way to work this wintry morning and photographed these recently trimmed trees – all their branches were on the ground, no doubt to be removed some time soon.Trimmed treesI know these trees, planted for a purpose and trimmed to meet a need, will grow again in the spring but I feel sorry for them.  They have a predestined shape, a true form, their own and not one imposed for some external purpose.

On the way home I stopped on the roadside again.  The trees below have had perhaps a season or two to recover however one day they’ll get the chop again, when the height they have reached is more than the farmer wants – when the tree has reached up and out again to achieve its true form.RegrowthPerhaps the sympathy I feel for these trees is in part due to my recently having to reshape my life to fit back into being a ‘working woman’ once more.  I can no longer spend my days as my mood takes me, doing what I feel inspired to do, rather I’m doing what I need to do, what I am expected to do.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I appreciate having a well-paid, interesting job with wonderful colleagues, however I’d love the luxury of having the day to myself to spend as the mood or the muse moves me.

Where’s that anonymous benefactor – I’m feeling a little misshapen this week.

9 thoughts on “achieving your my form

  1. It seems like life is full of “All or nothing” situations, I no longer have a job, and do enjoy the luxury of spending my time doing what I decide to do amongst the stuff that needs to be done, but I miss having work colleagues and the feeling of a shared purpose to my day – o, and the wages! It was like that with our children, all day, non-stop, full on business. Now they have all left and live their own lives and I have so much time! Sometimes we are hard to please!

    • You are absolutely right Jo. I was just beginning to regain my shape, finding out what I wanted as opposed to what I needed to be for much more pragmatic reasons, the salary being an important one!
      I have always resisted being defined by my work – so hard when so much energy goes in to it!

      • i’ve never been defined by my work mum – its a job i can do that pays for my life and when people ask me what i do all i say is – “office stuff with money – with a great team of people” – work is work and my life is mine !!!!
        i have found that people who have let themselves be ‘defined’ by their work cannot understand…………………. they get totally flummoxed when i say that my real job is ME !

  2. Fickle. That could be my word for the day. A good reminder to breathe deep and enjoy. I might not want to be a windbreak, but a little haircut would probably do me good. As for you, good luck finding that balance between the pull of work and the tug of that core self. I hope you can keep some time and space to honor the latter.

      • We do have the benefit of frequent ‘freedom’ breaks aka holidays – methinks once spring hits and daylight saving once again gives us the benefit of more time to converse with nature you will be feeling less imbalanced – in the meantime your colleagues will try hard to keep you engaged in other things than monotony

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