taking lessons from the wise – 1

I’ve had grand-daughters here for 4 days – so what did I learn?the boucey logExpensive play equipment is not needed when the river and the tides leave it for free.

Dust is something else to draw in and so are salty windows.

If you need to see outside and the windows are opaque with salt spray, go outside.  Easy!  And don’t waste time washing them before a storm!

Walking on the beach, running up and down sand dunes is more fun than hanging washing, although it has to be done.

The day has begun so don’t waste it wondering what to do – just go and do it.

4-year-olds wake up happy unless they are unwell.

Apparently I have more lines from smiling than frowning.  4-year-old logic says that means I’m happy a lot.

Occupied shells smell bad – don’t take them home.

Always take a bag to the beach for the treasures you’ll find . . . pockets are not big enough although it does make you edit what you’ll keep.

Winter weather doesn’t matter if you can keep warm. bare feet again!

Cold feet are okay and to be expected if you paddle in the winter, and of course you should!

It makes no difference to a child if no housework is done . . . as long as it doesn’t lead to food poisoning.

If it has to be done, vacuuming, or anything else, is more fun if you have some music playing while you do it.

Disappearing into a good book is learned young and its to be recommended at any time of the day . . . or night.

If you’re 7 and find a piece of wood shaped like a pterodactyl’s head, you don’t think twice about bringing it back from the beach and making it into one.decorating the wings

A little sister can help, especially if you let her know what to do.  “Draw anything you like between the blue line and the green line, okay?”

Flying PteradactylMy house seemed very quiet and empty this morning.

And no, I am not going to do the dusting, wash windows or vacuum . . . I’m going for a walk along the beach while the sun is shining.

I think I am finally learning how to prioritise.


8 thoughts on “taking lessons from the wise – 1

  1. This is just beautiful and inspiring. It’s the simple wonders of a child’s world that are really important to remember, isn’t it? Just lovely. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I try to ascribe to the ‘housework is for people with nothing better to do’ most of the time. I remember when my children were small, being surrounded by stuff that ‘needed’ doing and desperate for a chance to create something. I eventually swept everything in the way onto the floor and sewed hand puppets which they adored when they woke up from their after noon nap. I never saw them laugh at a tidy house!
    My parents are coming to stay so I am going to have to have a housework attack!

  3. My mother-in-law often said to me when my children were young, “housework will always be there tomorrow”. I tried hard to follow her words and spend more time with the kids than the chores. It was a struggle for this perfectionist. But now they look back fondly at all the games we played, crafts we made, and adventures we went on. It was worth it. The funny thing is that now my chidren are older and starting lives of their own, my mother-in-law is still telling me, “housework will always be there tomorrow”, when I try to work full-time, volunteer, spend time with her and my father, take care of my home and husband, and follow the artistic urges I’ve put off for so long. It seems that priortizing is important at any stage of life. Thank you for the beautiful reminder Jane.

    • Yes, I think Nanna at the beach will feature fondly in their memories. I’m so glad to be able to live here . . . it’s quiet and peaceful, almost a forgotten corner of the country even though it’s just an hour from Wellington.

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