more mucking around

I was feeling a little disappointed with myself for not doing anything much during the week.  I did some knitting but that was all, mainly because I didn’t take any supplies with me to my week-time abode – I left them on the spare bed!

Today was cold, there’s snow on the tops of the Tararua Range and we had a very rare frost here at the beach so it was heating on and much mucking around – mostly doodling.

Some doodling was on index cards – I was supposed to post something blue and link it through to Tammy Garcia’s Daisy Yellow ICAD2 challenge on Thursday but couldn’t – no cards, no blue anything except a ball point pen.

Other doodling was in my sketch book where I explore options – just pen and water-colour pencils. Lots of women about 8 to 10 cm tall.

Not great works of art but fun, and that’s what matters.

I’m really looking forward to the school holidays in two weeks time when I will have two whole weeks when I can get the Chinese brocade quilt off the back burner!

2 thoughts on “more mucking around

  1. I think you’re right … fun is what matters! I keep waiting for inspiration for “real art” … I need to enjoy the fun of just “mucking around.”

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