saturday play

One of my favourite things about Saturday morning is that early coffee in bed, checking out some of my favourite blogs and planning how I will spend the day.    When I checked out Diana Trout’s blog I loved the painting she had done after visiting Connie Hozvicka’s tutorial on 21 Secrets at Dirty Footprints Studio – I was inspired!

Green FlowI mucked around with the pull-tags off envelopes, acrylic paint and a white pen – sorry I can’t tell you what brand as I bought it in Japan and there’s no English on it at all.  I was much more loose with a brush than usual and doodling with the pen was addictive – I sort of got lost in the flow!  I don’t think it’s quite finished – a little detailing in black?  What do you think?

Green detailIn this close up you can make out the ‘open here’ tags.  So, some black, highlighting the white, embellishing the faint black markings?

8 thoughts on “saturday play

  1. HOW GORGEOUS! I say touches of black if you think so, and not if you don’t. Looking at it again, maybe yes, but it’s always hard for me to fiddle with something when I like it already and boy do I like this. But play play play, since that’s the point.

  2. I agree with above comments. I think it would be beautiful printed on fabric. You’ve inspired me to begin my journey into the 21 Secrets.

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