the day-job

After 4 weeks back at full-time work I can honestly say I am thoroughly enjoying it.  I think I may have said before that great colleagues and work that provides both an intellectual and creative challenge makes for an excellent combination.   I don’t even mind, and in fact I enjoy using my house at the beach as a weekend holiday home.   There is only one snag in all this.

So what is the one drawback?   I don’t get to do that much mucking around – and yes I know I’ll gradually pick things up from where I left them there on the back-burner – but I want it all, the day-job as well as the time to indulge in creative pursuits.

This week, I have been reading, knitting (it’s getting colder and I want to finish this cardigan for my grand-daughter), some journal writing but little else – I haven’t even finished the bear’s clothing!

The book I’m reading, or should I say drooling over, is on doll making and borrowed from the Palmerston North library.   I met Lynette Collis working there – I do so enjoy her blog All of Me.    The book is Cloth Dolls for Textile Artists by Ray Slater – just the cover made my fingers itch for wire, yarn, fabric and embroidery thread!  Check out her website – it’s now saved in my inspirational bookmarks folder.  I hope I haven’t breached copyright using this image off the web.

I arrived back home for the weekend to find not one, but two copies of Personal Geographies: Explorations in Mixed-Media Mapmaking by Jill K. Berry had been delivered by Fishpond – as I only ordered and paid for one copy, I’ll need to send the other back.  A while back I had a library copy and just had to buy my own copy so I guess you know what’s happened to much of my weekend.

Again, I’m not sure if I’m breaching copyright using these images but I don’t know who I should ask or credit – and I daresay the artists won’t object to the publicity – and it’s certainly well-deserved!

I do wish I had more time to just muck around she thinks wistfully!

11 thoughts on “the day-job

  1. Hey there! Would love to see any projects you do from my book! The structure here is from my class, called “Deconstructed Landscape Book”. I am coming to Australa Fall of 2013 to teach my methods, details to come on I also often receive two books when ordering one, we have that in common. Enjoy!

  2. Those are my images, of my class called “Deconstructed Landscape Treasure Book”. I also wrote the book posted, but that project is not in it. There are lots of other projects though! Thanks for your concern about copyright, I do hold it for the books and images, so now you know…:) Hope you enjoy the book, let me know.

  3. I’m so happy that you are enjoying work. It sounds like you are being creative even though you don’t have as much time as you’d like.
    I must order Jill’s book – it looks just scrumptious!
    The dollmaking book is right up your alley – i can’t wait to see what lovely creations emerge from the inspiration!

    Love, Violette

    • Thank you Violette – I think you’d absolutely love Jill’s book and would use some of the ideas working with teens – and for yourself of course. I’m really enjoying reading it.
      The doll book is in the library so I can borrow it any time – I think I might wait until the next school break to start playing or I won’t want to go to work! 😉

  4. The book IS very scrumptious and thought provoking. I plan to work out of it this summer when I can focus a little more because it seems that lots of the focus is on what you can express and process for yourself rather than just new techniques or pretty pages. I find her work so exciting because it’s at a level that connects that creativity with real journaling. I’d like to take my journals in that direction – real self expression without giving up fun and delight and play.

    • I agree with you Lizzie – it’s getting lost in the mapping and seeing where it leads that really matters. And yes, I think it deserves having a length of time so that the map can be as big or as detailed as it needs to be – I have a feeling the results will be really satisfying.

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