some weeks don’t go to plan . . .

. . . and this was one of them.  I intended getting the quilt finished but have hardly done any work on it at all.  Do you give yourself a hard time when thins kind of thing happens?  Do you forget about all the other things you’ve achieved?  Easy isn’t it?  Surely there are enough other people around who could do that but don’t, so why do we do it to ourselves?

So I didn’t do thing A, however I did do things B, C, and D.  What?  Not thing A.  Tough!

It’s enough that I have sorted work clothes for my new job, gone through boxes and boxes of resources from the job I left almost 8 years ago and am about to return to.  Oh yes, I’ve also had several long walks on the beach, read a novel and half finished knitting a cardigan for one of my grand-daughters.

At the beach

I have no idea who built this structure on the beach - lovely to see that it's been added to over the past week or two. Taken on my iPhone camera + Pic Grunger.


As I walked home, it was just me and the shag worshipping the last of the sun (or cormorant if you prefer) - aren't I fortunate living just a stone's throw from all this? Taken on my iPhone camera.

All in all it’s been a busy week – and it’s only Thursday!

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