the back burner

Do you refer to half-finished projects as being on the back burner?   I’ve been thinking about this saying recently, one reason being that I’m going back to work full-time in a demanding but satisfying job so I will need to put aside some of the creative ventures that take up my time and ideas I have for the near future.

To me, when something is one the back burner, it’s simmering, reducing to a wonderful, savoury, taste delight where flavours combine to make something wonderous.After the rain

I visited a glass factory in Yangon Myanmar where rejects were put out under the trees – definitely on the back-burner!  Eventually everything would be recycled.  The place sparkled in the sunshine and looked for all the world like an Aladdin’s cave full of treasure.  Recycling

My friends and I were invited to look for anything we might want – it was like a treasure hunt.    I bought a large, wonderfully lop-sided, bowl and a number of small paper weights.

When things are laid aside, it’s not necessarily the end for them.  Partially finished projects, plans or ideas can be refined, redesigned and invested with new life – they’ll wait for you.

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About late start studio

I think the blog title says it all! Or so I thought when I began blogging. Since then I realise that I began my life as a maker very young. The 'late start' is in taking being a Maker seriously . . . giving it the capital letter it deserves. Over the years I have acquired a wide variety of skills , some through need and other through simple curiosity and now that I have resigned from the paid workforce, I am happily pursuing Making with creativity, originality and discipline.

6 thoughts on “the back burner

    • Hmm – I think I tend to deconstruct a UFO – they get assigned to the recycling rather than be laid aside to get finished some other time. And who says we have to finish everything eh? We can decide for ourselves!

  1. Yes, completely. I am still learning that I don’t HAVE to finish everything. It’s hard to let go sometimes, but it’s also healthier. I know that, but doing it…. But sometimes it’s also possible to take it in a new direction, and that is as big a challenge for me because I tend to get stuck in my ideas. Reminding myself of the worth of flexibility is something I have to do consciously, but I can do it. I love the visual of the piles of bottles and the face that this is their storage area, not discards. Makes me think of some piles in my room in a whole new way. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Liz, I’m not sure where we get this idea we must finish everything. For a while, I thought it had to be useful ut I think this came about because the time was ‘stolen’ and money was tight.

  2. Love this idea…I have just got back into a hand stitching project which has been ‘simmering’ in my head for a while waiting for attention, and I can now approach again with new enthusiasm. Your back burner description is wonderful. Enjoy the rest of the holidays 🙂

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