Creative Queue Challenge

Tammy Gracia over at Daisy Yellow started the challenge and the idea of getting all those started but incomplete projects out to finish off was seductive.  Sometimes a project may be little more than the germ of idea or perhaps all the materials may be there just waiting to be used or assembled.  The latter was how it was with me.

If you look back over the past few entries, you’ll see what I was up to.

Creating a quilt with someone in mind is a labour of love – and I’ve been blessed with good reasons to labour.  My first Chinese brocade quilt was for my daughter, the second for my daughter-in-law’s birthday – I’m going to have to work full-time to get it completed in time!  I bought the fabric in Sampeng Lane, Bangkok in early 2010 so it’s taken a while to get under way.

You might have noticed the quote I use as a sub=title to my blog, “you don’t need to catch up, just start.”   Tammy usually begins her posts with interesting quotes from a variety of people however this was one of her own and for me, it was a BFO (Blinding Flash of the Obvious).  It was one of those messages that caused me to stop putting things off and start putting things into action. Take that first step whether it’s a new project or completing something you’ve already begun – it doesn’t matter if it’s late – it just matters that you take it.begin now

12 thoughts on “Creative Queue Challenge

  1. I’ve never worked with Chinese silk (was that what is was called?) Sounds like a nightmare while it’s in process, but a delight to have. I’m sure it will be appreciated. I have found this challenge very helpful in getting further on several projects, and actually finishing a couple. But sometimes it’s good to muck around also. I keep reminding myself that mostly I’m the only one that thinks of these projects as “late” and since I was the one who imposed the time line, I’m the one who can change it. Thanks for hosting, I enjoyed seeing your quilts in progress!

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment – I really appreciate it. The brocade isn’t actually silk although very silky to the touch – and just as messy to work with. Come back next week to see the updates – there won’t be much happening over the Easter break! It will be all sunshine, beach, family, chocolate and hot-cross buns!

  2. You got the fabric in Bangkok, how cool! I’m curious to see how you will ultimately put the piecing together, as I can’t line anything up beyond a few squares. Thus I usually wind up making artsy quilt tops galore. Thank you for playing along and for hostessing the challenge!!!

    • The challenge was a really valuable thing for me to do – it got me thinking about a lot of aspects of my life. As for Bangkok, I lived there for nearly 6 years – Thailand is fantastic for shopping!

    • Hi – thanks for stopping by. I’ll make sure I post updates as well as the finished piece. It’s lovely weekend weather here and family are on their way to stay for a night or two – what more could I want?

    • I first heard BFO years ago in a radio interview and thought it was a BFO in itself. It so perfectly describes those stunning, revealing moments where everything adds up and the obvious makes itself known!

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