more progress

This quilt is going to look stunning – I just know it.  The challenge is getting from the ‘bits all over the floor’ stage to the ‘oh isn’t it stunning’ stage – remember how much Chinese brocade frays!

I now have 3 wonderful cushion covers – samples of how I might put the quilt together.  This is the complete opposite to how I would usually work.  Usually the whole thing would have been thought through, all the problems anticipated and solved and the completed quilt pictured in my mind – not this time.

I’m still undecided which pattern to go with. . . Squares

Squares are not easy to line up in this fabric – although I could have taken a little more care.Random bricks

These random bricks don’t need lining up but 2 metre long strips of Chinese brocade will be tricky to sew together – it was bad enough when they were just 80 cm long.Rectangle + 2 squares

This is perhaps I favour – one rectangle and 2 squares forming a bigger square arranged in a random fashion.   When I assemble the larger square, I can trim it so they together well and as the layers will be tied rather than sewn, I can disguise and mismatched corners.

Or I might do something completely different – I’m going to consult the intended recipient.

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About late start studio

I think the blog title says it all! Or so I thought when I began blogging. Since then I realise that I began my life as a maker very young. The 'late start' is in taking being a Maker seriously . . . giving it the capital letter it deserves. Over the years I have acquired a wide variety of skills , some through need and other through simple curiosity and now that I have resigned from the paid workforce, I am happily pursuing Making with creativity, originality and discipline.

4 thoughts on “more progress

  1. I like this. You are inspiring me to raid my stash. But … should I start yet another project that I don’t have time to finish or stay on the projects I am working on? That is what the journal is about I think, yes?

    • Yes, that constant chasing your tail story of women who want to do a bit of everything – just contemplation of a project is a kind of start isn’t it? I made a big map of all the things that ‘need’ to be done – yeah, right, ha!

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