some progress

I did it, got started on the quilt, and would love to continue today but I have big plans that culminate in a party!  The very best of plans hmm?

For those of you who have never sewn Chinese brocade, it’s what I call ‘skiddly’ in that it slips and skids all over the place when you cut and sew it.  Cut with care, sew with caution, and keep to the KISS principle – Keep it Simple Sweetheart!  HA!  It’s more like, lay you sanity on the line however my sanity is really questionable as this is the second quilt I’ve made in this material.

Sorry about the lighting - it was a brilliant sunny day in Bangkok.

It was a simple square made up of 6 small squares and a rectangle - there was the occasional big black square thrown in. All random - which is hard to arrange!

The first was a luscious queen-sized creation in red, black and gold for my daughter – very dramatic, the quilt, and gorgeous, the quilt and the daughter.  It was made to the accompaniment of many expletives and fine fluff floating off in all directions into every corner of the room – with traces found for weeks afterward.

The blue sewing machine thread s the middle shows how fine the fraying fabric is.

I thought I’d do a test yesterday using my overlocker.  So what if quilts are not sewn on an overlocker – who said they couldn’t be?  I’d try it with some sacrificed fabric and if it didn’t work, what would be lost? Just 10 cms of material and a couple of hours.

There is no 'give' in this fabric. While it slips sand slides out of square there is no stretch whatsoever!

The experiment was reasonably successful although lining up seams is nigh on impossible – I have shown the best of a 16×16 square section!  I recall this being a problem the first time around and, for the most part, managed to disguise the offset seam intersections when I tied the quilt – I am not so insane that I’m about to sew the layers together!   Machining would be impossible given the skiddly nature of the fabric and it’s against my better judgement to even consider hand quilting a queen-sized quilt – I know my limitations!

Well, do I continue on the overlocker or sew another sample on the regular sewing   machine?  And while I’m pondering this choice, I think I might give some consideration to a pattern where there are no seam intersections.

I don’t think I have ever used so many exclamation points – better than expletives I guess.  And yes, I use dashes a lot – I know but I don’t care – there comes a point when it ceases to matter what people think of such idiosyncrasies!!!

4 thoughts on “some progress

  1. and it looks devine on the bed or strewn across the couch in a jaunty manner, and I always get asked where I got and and then the comment “oooo can your mum make me one?”
    All I am missing is a ginger tom to sleep on it all day!

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