a contradiction?

Does anyone else find this a little bizarre?

I mentioned it to a woman in the shop and that most people want a laptop because they’re small and portable – she just didn’t get it and was not the least bit amused poor thing.

The best advertising I have seen was an outdoor supply company that had a sign the said “Now is the summer of our discount tent.”   Clever eh?

7 thoughts on “a contradiction?

  1. I just found your blog through Diana Trout’s blog. I look forward to future posts!
    I think it’s funny that the saleswoman didn’t see the humor in “Massive Laptop Sale” sign.

  2. Hello from France! I too have just found your blog through Diana Trout. I had a big laugh when I read about the massive laptop sale, an even bigger one when I read the woman didn’t catch it.
    It was a really great starting of the day for me.

  3. Ha! I love lifes little funnies – even if the saleslady had no sense of haha. I am wondering if you had any luck in your garden with your lions tail? Any chance of seeing your efforts? I spent my Sunday doodling fantasy flowers – relaxing fun for me.

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