doors opening and shutting

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door – Milton Berle

Rombuk, Tibet.   June 2007

Rombuk, Tibet. June 2007

Sometimes doors are opened for you however the doors I’ve opened for myself are the ones where I have gained the most out of what was on the other side.    I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to travel quite a bit and I often took photos of doors and windows, sometimes it was because I could glimpse something through them but often not -I was always fascinated by ancient doors and windows.   Who had been through them, looked out of them?  What were their hopes and dreams?

With a door in front of us we have a choice to make.   Do you choose to create opportunities?


4 thoughts on “doors opening and shutting

  1. I am fascinated with stairways – they must lead somewhere, don’t you think? So I’m in love with your first photo. Welcome to the blogesphere.

    • Hi Judy, welcome! I love stairways too – I like the idea of the step appearing only when you trust enough to take the next step. I must dig through my photos and see what I have – I know I have one of the stairwell in the Museum of Modern Art in Chicago.

  2. Found your post while looking up ,,,”penknife or Azilian” point. This is a prehistoric tool used in France 35,000 years ago…still don’t know what an Azilian point is, really. I understand it is a stone point but why “Azilian” ? Anyway you seem to have a good life in NZ… we are lucky

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