free art supplies!

I bet that got your attention!

One of the many wonderful things about living at the beach is collecting bits and pieces when you’re out walking – I always carry a bag for beach treasures – wood, shells, feathers, pumice stone for carving.  On Sunday I brought back some particularly wormy driftwood.Image

And these wonderful shells with wonderful barnacles on them.Image

Meg found a whole crab which we let dry out in the sun – it doesn’t smell too badly.Image

When the driftwood had dried out (I had to be patient and it’s not my forte), I sliced one of the pieces up with my somewhat rusty, blunt handsaw and sanded the ends a little.  I was then able to use the ends as stamps!Image

Here’s the page so far.  Image

It has a chalk pastel and gesso background and then just orange, black and white acrylic paint for the stamps.  I’m not sure where I’m going with it because this is the point where my ugly critic pops its head up and whispers to me so I need to put up some resistance.  If I just start doodling, embellishing, defining and generally mucking around, perhaps pretend I can’t hear, it might give up and go away.   The stamps look a bit like seaweed so I think some greens and blues will be used on another page.

Some serious play is in order.  Is that possible?  Serious play?

10 thoughts on “free art supplies!

  1. What a brilliant idea, Wendy! I really like the effect you achieved with the driftwood stamps, and your colour scheme too. Orange is bit of a challenging colour for me – but your tones inspire me to trying working with it a little more often. Thank you!

    • Thanks – I used the gesso on top to tone the orange down and seal the chalk – it gives a lovely soft effect so maybe pastels are a way for you to go with this strong colour.
      I visited you website – so comprehensive! I’m still playing around with mine but loving every minute of it.

  2. That print is amazing, Wendy. and yes! serious play! I know you have seen children playing very seriously and utterly engrossed. I am loving your blog. Talk about jumping in with both feet.

  3. I love the stamps you made from the driftwood! You are so lucky to live near a beach, if I did, I’d have huge piles of stuff I brought home with me like your shells and driftwood. Love your blog, ignore that inner critic and keep those posts coming! Similar to the Yellow Daisy quote, Thoreau said “We are constantly invited to be who we are.”

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