wonderful weekends

I have been blessed with two wonderful grand-daughters and there’s nothing I like more than when they come and spend a weekend with me at the beach – with or without their parents.

Jeanne has a strong creative streak and playing around with her as she makes whatever has popped up in her inventive young mind is a privilege.  A couple of weekends ago she made a duct tape journal – we followed Diana Trout’s instructions.  Jeanne's journal I have one to which I use all the time for shopping lists etc.  I just put new pages in as I need them.Duct tape journal And of course the beach is a wonderful source of materials.  She made driftwood nests for the little felt birds she had designed – one for her and one for a friend.Driftwood nestsMeg is younger, nearly 4, and I think her favourite place is the beach – striding off through the grass blithely ignoring the established track or running up the sand dunes, jumping over the marram grass and sliding down again.  This photo of the little trail blazer was taken last summer.Meg trail blazingWhat is your greatest joy?

7 thoughts on “wonderful weekends

  1. Hi! Just discovered your blog from a comment you left on Rice’s blog. I love the name of your blog. I agree with you about transitions. I can’t stop ageing, but I REFUSE to grow old. I think being creative helps us to stay young for we (re)begin to see the world the way your lovely granddaughters do.

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