Studio inhabitants

So what do I do in the Late Start Studio apart from starting late?  I muck around for the most part and it’s a past-time that I recommend highly.  As a child, my uncle called me Mucker  – I was always mucking around doing or making something odd.  Well, when I was thinking of a name for some of my small creations which are the result of some mucking around MUKKA was born.

There’s about 50 or so of them just hanging around – sometimes they like to come out and bake in the sun, without sunblock I might add!  They’re quite happy with the idea that they’re off to the market soon but they’re a bit worried that their eyes might get chewed off so I’ll have to make a warning label for each of them.

That’s just one bit of my mucking around – I have a low thresh-hold for boredom so I need to have lots of different things on the go.  You like?

4 thoughts on “Studio inhabitants

  1. Oh they are adorable – looks like they have spent too much time in the sun – they are pink aren’t they?? Lol……….i love my little mukka – he sits proudly on my desk!

    Love, violette xo

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