doors opening and shutting

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door – Milton Berle

Rombuk, Tibet.   June 2007

Rombuk, Tibet. June 2007

Sometimes doors are opened for you however the doors I’ve opened for myself are the ones where I have gained the most out of what was on the other side.    I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to travel quite a bit and I often took photos of doors and windows, sometimes it was because I could glimpse something through them but often not -I was always fascinated by ancient doors and windows.   Who had been through them, looked out of them?  What were their hopes and dreams?

With a door in front of us we have a choice to make.   Do you choose to create opportunities?


A pincushion

This one’s for you Diana,  thanks for the post today!my Thai pincushion

Whenever I hand stitch anything, I invariably lose a needle somewhere and you can guess how I find it.  Pretty predictable eh?  So I now use a pincushion – and not just any pincushion.  This one is from Thailand, I bought it in a local market from a woman who spoke no English (and my Thai is somewhat limited).  It is made entirely by hand out of recycled materials and I love it.  It reminds of my years living there, the wonderful friends I made and the travelling we did together – just by looking at a pincushion I know I’m truly blessed.